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Nifty Wizards: an ever-evolving, text-based RPG style game using NFTs with utility to quests.

Is it real what I said in the Title?

Yes, you guys heard me right. there is a text-based RPG (Role Playing Game) style game which is loaded with fun and adventure right below your nose. With the increasing trend of NFTs, someone came up with an idea which was different from many things we have seen with NFT games so far. That person is Kurt Braget It is a Role Playing Game that uses Telegram, Twitter and NFTs. Find secret chambers, and load up your inventory on your path to becoming a Master Wizard. These NFTs give you powers in the game and in the real world.

This game started in july of 2020 as the first key was minted on 1st July 2020 at 7:40 AM IST in the official wax account of Nifty Wizards. It was the10th template of NFT ever created on atomic but the schema was "key" so that template was abandoned, the schema now is "items".

The First medium article about how to play the game was released on 6th July 2020 by the creator himself, Kurt Braget.

To start the game you may start your journey from this telegram group:- https://t.me/niftywizardslobby. You will need a Wax Cloud wallet to play the game (which was freeof cost to create an account some months ago but now requires 5 wax), you can create one from https://all-access.wax.io/. Unlike any other games out there, Nifty Wizards was free to play for a certain time. But some wizards got greedy and created multiple accounts to get free NFTs. So, this game now requires a lowest investment of maximum of 10 WAXP as of now which is less than a dollar.

To start playing and earn NFTs and DU$T along the way, you need to accomplish 3 tasks:

1. Create a Telegram username. This is done in settings and all usernames start with @.

2. Sync your WAX wallet address In the Lobby.

Type /sync followed by your wallet address. (ex: xxxxx.wam)

3. Acquire a Key & Scroll NFT by trading or purchasing.

Purchase your Key🔑 here:


Purchase your Scroll 📜 here:

https://wax.atomichub.io/market?collection_name=niftywizards&match=Scroll&order=asc&sort=price&symbol=WAX                            The 🔑 will be used to unlock the journey into NW and

The 📜 will be used to begin questing to earn NFTs.

You may ask, What is a Quest?

Answer according to the creator;- Quests are adventures that Nifty Wizards go on in order to gain experience, level up their wizard, and gain more loot (fking... precious… loot). Quest include many tasks that players make up for fun. Sometimes they are humorous or teach you a valuable skill related to the game, NFTs, technology etc. We would love to have you join us in Quest creation, that is part of our game.You will learn a lot by doing Quests and you will meet and need to collaborate with other Wizards to do Quests. Some Quests will require Wizards to work together or even join a Wizard gang.

How can I start doing quests?

To start doing and completing the quests, you will firstly require,

  • A Key to unlock the game
  • A Scroll to begin doing the quests 
With these two items, you will be hopped into the Quests chamber and you can start doing the quests. You can start by typing /quests to see the list of active quests. Then type in /quests and the quest name exactly as it appears to get more detail. There are many secret and hidden chambers to explore, but you must own the proper items to get to and stay in the chamber. Start with The Awakening to be born a wizard and start your quest. -BBB 
Each quest requires some unique NFTs like this one:
This quest requires 4 NFTs which are 🔑📜♒️🍺 (🔑 and 📜 are compulsary for every quest) ♒️ This one is Birth rune which is a NTT (Non Transferable Token). You will be forged with a Birth rune after you finish The Awakening quest. Now, 🍺 This is a Beer which you can buy from market or you may ask another senior wizard to gift you one or trade it with some other NFTs. These will be checked (in your wallet) when you complete a quest then The Sneaky Wizard will validate your quest and send your reward for completing a quest. If you do not have these items you will not get the Quest reward. You have to post a proof that you completed a quest in the quest validation chamber to get your reward. And more importantly, you better not expect reward for every quest you complete, some quests are only for fun and you may not get rewarded. Always be sure you read the Quest instructions carefully to be sure you have all the required items and that you will be doing the Quest correctly. 

Which quest is the hardest one ever in Nifty Wizards?

Triggerio has been the hardest quest untill now. In this quest, you need to find someone who has a decent-to-large following (NO FRIENDS ALLOWED), who is convinced that Ethereum based NFTs are better than Wax based ones (or just that ETH>WAX). Anger them enough to RESPOND to you OR CONVINCE them they are wrong in their ways and wax is better. Make sure to get a response or proof of conversion before posting.

Several wizards have had better luck going the educational route and have converted artists over from using the Ethereum network to using the wax network to mint NFTs.     -Papa Tortuga

Most of the wizards haven't completed this quest yet, even the some of the Master Wizards. You can be the rare one.

If you are thinking about joining this game and start your adventurethen you are most welcome in the chambers. I maybe will be there to assist you otherwise a Master Wizard will help you out.

Is there a room to mine some free NFTs?

Yup, there is a room called Nifty Wizards Weed seed Mining. You can get access to that chamber by completing a quest called Magical Seeds. It requires a Key, Scroll, and a Birth only to get into this chamber. Then you can mine 7 Types of weed seeds NFTs randomly while chatting there. 10 Seeds makes a Weed which can be later used in Smoking lounge to complete the Smoking hot quest. Also in the smoking lounge, you can mine another rare 3 types of seeds.

More rewards from Smoking Lounge

Once a month.
ALL of the Dust that has been mined by the community in the Smokers Lounge will go back to the community!!
Now owning a pipe not only gets you entry to the Smokers Lounge to mine the rarest of seeds, but also the chance to win some DU$T✨
Only active members in the room will be added to monthly spin of course. 
Each active Smokers Lounge members name will be added for a wheel spin. The list will be random and 3 spins will be done with 3 winners. Maybe…...
4 blank slots will be added to the wheel. If a spin lands on a blank slot, then that prize will be added to the next month’s pool total. 
Extra blank spots will be added each time the Smoking Lounge gains 15 new members.
Spin 1 - 60%✨
Spin 2 - 30%✨
Spin 3 - 10%✨

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